Behringer XR18 Digital Mixer

Behringer XR18 Digital Mixer

XR18 presents industry leading value. 18x18 USB, USB compliant, 4 FX busses, 6 aux buses and main L&R out. It features fully parametric EQ, gate & comp on all channels and buses. Comes in a shallow 3RU format.

★★★★½ around $739

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Costas ★★★★☆


  • requires a good quality external router for wireless control. Never trust the built in antenna.
  • the preamps are not amazing, but are very usable live.
  • no delay sends on outputs (for offsetting speakers if spaced far apart)
  • wish there was a smaller version of this (the xr12 is only stereo USB, and the flow8 doesn’t have RTA, and the comp and FX are extremely basic)

With Loopy Pro, I currently:

  • multitrack record all used inputs, including those which are not heard in LP. (Example: vocals are heard live through XR18, but I have the channels also in LP with no audio output. This allows me to multitrack record the whole set to put with video later)
  • octave bass sounds. despite using boss OC5, helix LT and iOS octaver plugins - I found that the XR18 octaver FX is my preferred! I have two sends that use the octaver Fx: 1 is live bass (I split the frequencies of my guitar input at 105hz, add an EQ to further eliminate higher frequencies and send this to XR18. The sound is like OC5 but better to my ears. 2: I send “baseline loops” to another channel on XR18, which also uses the octaver Fx.
  • whether performing duo, trio, quartet or quintet, I use the same mixer and session.
  • the whole mixer is attached to my pedal board for quick setup and pack down.
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pwdm ★★★★★

Has everything I need. Plenty of inputs and outputs. Midi controllable.

Never had a problem with it.

Best not use the internal wireless router.