M-Audio Air 192/8

M-Audio Air 192/8

2-in/4-out MIDI/Audio Interface

★★★★★ about $150-210

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Razzi ★★★★★

Great simple audio interface with 2 mic preamps (each with switchable -10dB pad) or 2 instrument inputs and 4 outputs, plus switchable headphone output. Balanced/Unbalanced TRS and mirrored RCA jacks for main outs, and another pair of RCAs for sub out.

Large, smooth knob for main’s volume and separate knob for headphone volume, plus switch for either main or sub output to headphones. Knob for controlling balance between direct monitoring and USB-audio monitoring.

Switchable phantom power and MIDI In and Out round out this versatile, yet compact package.

Have used with MacOS, iPadOS and a couple Windows laptops and never had any issue with it in any software.