MAT 16x8

MAT 16x8

Currently in beta phase. Super portable bus powered audio interface with 16 ins, 8 outs, USB and TRS MIDI (1 in, 2 out) created with iPad and electronic musicians in mind. More infos at

★★★★★ about $400

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Mohobrac ★★★★★

I’m a beta tester for this wonderful piece of gear. It’s not on the market yet but there will be a crowdfunding campaign soon.

The interface is working flawlessly. I use it every day with Loopy Pro and other apps. There are small hick-ups sometimes but this is because it’s the first hardware revision. I use the MAT with LP on an iPad Pro 2020 to mix and master 12 channels of my electronic hardware live set, apply effects and do some sampling and looping. Everything is just working. It’s more of an issue that LP is not mature enough for this kinda task. The UI gets messy with 8 inputs, 4 colors, 6 busses and 34 distinct plugin instances. There are also important things missing like metering widgets, multi-bus plugin support and cascaded busses. But I tried almost every other solution on the market and this killer combo is already superior. I never want to use anything else again.