RME BabyFace (mk1)

RME BabyFace (mk1)

1st gen babyface, offering 10in 12out (8ch ADAT IO/ and 2ch analog in 4ch analog out) plus MIDI. Stable on my ipad pro. Headphone out with direct level access is super helpful.

★★★★★ 400 used

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Anonymous ★★★★★

These are available used only in 2024, I´ve got two and both delivered great service when I used them as my combined interface on my laptop.

They worked without any hassle on my win7, win10 laptops and the one I kept is hassle free on my ipad. The driver is paid though, but it´s at a minimum and worth every penny. Still, paying for drivers feels odd.

When I´m in the studio, it gives me 8 channels IO via ADAT to the DANTE backbone. When I´m traveling, I get a nice hardware to plug my headphones in, if I just use earplugs it stays at home.

Nothing bad to say, it´s true and tested and has aged very well.