Tascam Model 12

Tascam Model 12

Integrated production suite that combines a 12-channel mixer, multi-track recorder, and audio interface, supporting 24-bit/48 kHz resolution. It includes built-in effects, a 10-track recording capability to SD card, and USB connectivity for DAW integration.

★★★★★ around $599

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Seva ★★★★★

It works great! I connect Korg Kronos to the mixer as well as various mics and other instruments like guitars and synths. All of these can be routed easily to Loopy Pro session in various ways. The sound of Model 12 is really good too with some high quality build in FX. Model 12, Korg Kronos, iPad and Loopy Pro is a great team to quickly test and record any ideas👌❤️🙂

Anonymous User Avatar
Anonymous ★★★★★

I can confirm it works really well. It’s a great interface with very flexible routing options.