Zoom Livetrak L-12

Zoom Livetrak L-12

Mixing desk with 12 inputs, also a digital recorder and a class-compliant USB audio interface.

★★★★★ about $500

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QnDJ ★★★★★

Perfect tool to record from different sources at once whilst playing back from Loopy Pro.

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Anonymous ★★★★★

if you want many seperate audio inputs, then I recommend this. I've been using it as audio interface with my macbook since 2019 or longer now, and just plugged it straight into the ipad and Loopy Pro saw it immediately.

I could then create seperate new hardware inputs within Loopy Pro for each channel I use on the Zoom L12;- guitar on 1, bass on 2, vocal mic on 4 & stereo keyboards on 7=8.

The total mix from Loopy Pro is sent to the 9/10 channel of the L-12 and I can hear eveything I'm playing and have recorded.

It works perfectly smoothly. I mute the monitoring within Loopy, and demute the channels on the L-12 so I get direct sound without any latency that the ipad creates.

I'm very happy with the quality of the sound from the L-12. Used it for recording albums and live on stage. Robust bit of kit.

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Peter ★★★★★

I use it for years as a live mixing desk. The ability to record all channels separately on an sd card without using a computer are worth mentioning. You can save nine mixing scenes and five(!) different monitor mixes with separate monitor outs. Amazing. Works fine with Loopy Pro. Lots of ins and outs. The only thing missing is midi.