Behringer FSB1010

Behringer FSB1010

Programmable MIDI Foot Controller with 10 Switches plus 2 Expression Pedals

★★★★☆ about $160

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Anonymous ★★★★☆

Solid build, good value.

I programmed it using the iOS FCBFF app, which works well for me. (My setup: "camera kit" adapter with USB-C into iPad Air 5, plus a standard "USB-A to MIDI In/Out" cable where the USB-A end goes into the camera kit adapter and the MIDI In/Out connectors go to the FSB1010 MIDI Out and In ports respectively.)

Note: In Loopy Pro (Control Settings,MIDI Devices) I had to turn off "Feedback Enabled" for this device to get it to work properly. After that, the FCB1010 works great for controlling Loopy Pro; its MIDI Learn feature is particularly useful.