iRig Blueboard

iRig Blueboard

Bluetooth MIDI Footswitch with 4 pads and 2 jacks for external expression or sustain pedals

★★★★½ around $120

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espiegel ★★★★☆

This footswitch has helped me get the most out of Loopy Pro. The pads are a little squishy which takes some people a little while to get used to. It can be set up to send midi CCs or midi notes when used standalone.

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Michael ★★★★☆

I use this with testing and making demo videos quite a lot, mostly because I just happen to have one, and it just works. The buttons are indeed quite squishy, but the plus side is that they're silent: no clicks.

It works with a momentary action (ON on press, OFF on release), which is important for being able to support things like double-tap and hold.

Something that trips up users is that it needs to be started in one of the Bluetooth modes, by holding down the "B" button (sends MIDI notes) or the "C" button (sends CC messages) while turning the device on. Then it can be connected to via the Bluetooth screens in Loopy Pro.

A downside is that the expression pedal port is quite noisy, and I find the pedal often emitting a bunch of CC 13s out of nowhere, even with nothing plugged in. That can be really annoying while using MIDI Learn, so you have to press the button you want really quickly, then exit MIDI Learn so it doesn't override with CC 13.

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Anonymous ★★★★★

Works well with my m-audio expression pedal

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BluesOrlando ★★★★★

Works fine, the loops are easy to achieve… great thing with this wonderful loopy pro…. But I have a burning question… I gig a lot with loopy pro with overloud, fabfilter, nembrine delay, Blackhole… i play acoustic guitar with voice and harmonica… want to include keyboards too but… I need more footswitches, like one more blueboard or even a chocolate but I’ve got to be sure if the iPad, and loopy pro can support two or more Bluetooth footswitches. Please if anyone can help or could try it… I would thank very much…