Launchpad X

Launchpad X

The Launchpad X is a dynamic MIDI grid controller from Novation, designed for music production and performance, offering intuitive control over Ableton Live with its velocity-sensitive pads and customizable layouts for seamless integration into any workflow. 64 pads, USB-C connection, 3 modes (DAW KEY CUSTOM); Programmable

★★★★★ around $150

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Ilanonbass ★★★★★

Perfect controller for loopy , follows the clips as they are on , off or blinking , when using midi profiles you can have the whole interface change according to each page on loopy pro. Easy to use The KEY option allows to play virtual instruments with touch sensitive pads for velocity and after touch

This controller made a lot of things easier on my work flow and has replaced 2 controllers that I used before it.

No difficulties what so ever.