iRig Stream Mic Pro (IK Multimedia)

iRig Stream Mic Pro (IK Multimedia)

iRig Stream Mic Pro $240 can streamline USB interfaces and cables out of a job 24 bit 96 Hz - great for recording quality loops live has a TRS line 'in' (as well as mic/line mix) loop-back (like the Motus) offers another rabbit hole different polaroid patterns including stereo

★★★★★ about $180 (US)

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Anonymous ★★★★★

Have used on MacOS and iOS

  • Crystal clear
  • fits snug into a 'Satechi' 4 port usb-c hub (as input)
  • with an Apple USB-C to line adaptor from the same hub (as output)
  • repaces USB interface (because if aux line in) + mix function for acoustic stereo mic
  • was so impressed immediately created Youtube setup guide in English, Spanish and Chinese
  • the TRS line from the hub out can be split to TRS left and TRS right with a custom dongle from