Spark LIVE

Spark LIVE

Works as FRFR monitor and audio INTERFACE, and then some.

★★★★★ around $549

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Teemu ★★★★★

Works as FRFR monitor and audio INTERFACE, and then some. As a "smart amp and PA system," it takes up to four instruments simultaneously, intended for guitar and bass and vocals and keyboards – while the sound might not always be precisely what I’m looking for, it is useable indeed. Two cases:

(1) Use the ”audio/data” usb-c port to connect it to an iPad or even an old iPhone (with the camera adaptor), and you have an instant interface with Loopy Pro: there is no latency either way, you can change presets for different layers, and it plays both the live and the looped loud and clear; I did a little demo of this on my YouTube channel (Unlikely Arrangements, Episode 153; do note that the usb combines all the physical inputs into one, though).

(2) Also, if you connect another interface to the stereo inputs (3 and 4 in the back panel), the sound is flat and pristine enough for using this as a monitoring device (much like you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker). For this sort of thing, the device is compact, loud when needed, and also capable of some stereo separation – it is there, though it is quite slight given the size of the unit; but then there is also a stereo out among its many connections.

There are some inconveniences – say with various volume knobs on opposite sides of the device – but altogether the thing packs so much that any "stars" depend on what you need :).